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How to Prevent Dandruff

Early action can go a long way to keep dandruff at bay.


Prevent Dandruff and Maintain Healthy Hair and Scalp


Dandruff is a condition in which the scalp creates and sheds skin cells at a higher rate than usual. It is quite common, too, afflicting as many as 50 million Americans each year. The good news is that you can prevent most simple cases of dandruff by following these eight simple healthy hair and scalp routines.

  • Shampoo for Healthy Hair and Scalp Shampoo regularly. Regular shampooing may help prevent the skin cell build up which can lead to flakes, especially for oily scalps. With NIZORAL® anti-dandruff shampoo, only two uses a week in between your regular shampoo is needed.
  • Wash Hair After Exercise to Prevent Dandruff Shower after exercise. Remedies and prevention for dandruff is as simple as a shower and shampoo as soon as possible after any strenuous activity that causes perspiration. Sweat can irritate the scalp, speeding up the skin cell shedding process.
  • Humidifier to Keep Skin Healthy Use a humidifier. Home remedies for dandruff, especially in the cold winter months when skin can become extra dry and flaky, can be helpful in dandruff prevention.
  • Hydrated Skin, Healthy Scalp Drink enough water. Properly hydrated skin is healthy skin, and hydration leads to a healthy scalp, and prevention of scalp issues and conditions.
  • Hair Products Cause Dandruff Avoid product overkill. Too many styling products, gels, hairsprays and dyes can cause havoc on your scalp. Some dry it out, while others can build up on the scalp and make it oily. Both situations can lead to dandruff flakes, itching, and scaling.
  • Eating Healthy for Healthy Hair and Scalp Eat a healthy diet. Diets lacking in nutrients such as B vitamins, zinc and certain healthy fats may leave some people more prone to dandruff.
  • Manage Stress, Manage Dandruff Manage stress. Stress affects our health in so many ways and our skin is no exception. Stress can be a dandruff cause, or may aggravate existing conditions.



You can reduce the chance of getting dandruff by establishing and maintaining healthy routines – but if you do still end up with unwanted white flakes on your shoulders, and an itchy scalp, the good news is there are a variety of treatment options that will help solve that problem. NIZORAL® is an anti-dandruff shampoo that is clinically proven to control flaking and itching associated with dandruff, to help you maintain healthy hair and scalp all year long.



Learn more way to manage and treat your dandruff, along with an anti-dandruff shampoo regimen.

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