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How often should I use Nizoral?

You only have to use Nizoral twice a week. On the days you don’t use Nizoral, you can use your regular shampoo.

Is Nizoral safe to use on color treated or keratin treated hair?


Is it ok to use a conditioner with Nizoral?

We recommend using a conditioner in between uses of Nizoral

Some dandruff shampoos don’t smell very good. What does Nizoral smell like?

Nizoral has a very clean, fresh scent and a pearlescent, soft feel. One sniff and you might not believe you picked up a dandruff shampoo!

Does Nizoral work on severe dandruff?

Clinical studies shows that Nizoral is effective in controlling dandruff symptoms like flaking, scaling and itching in people with mild, moderate, and even severe dandruff.

How fast does Nizoral work?

Results from a published clinical study showed that ketoconazole, the active ingredient in Nizoral, starts working from the first use to start relieving dandruff symptoms and control the fungus that causes dandruff.